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The Logistics Report - Focusing on the most prevalent and important industry topics

The Logistics Reports are highly detailed and specialised digital reports, each with a central theme carefully selected from current industry trends.

Each report will provide an extensive deep dive into the most prevalent topics in logistics today: from sustainability to automation and technology developments.

2022 Reports

The Logistics Report: The Intralogistics Showcase

Published: June 2022

The latest edition of The Logistics Report, sponsored by DEMATIC, explores the challenges that currently face the industry, and provides examples of how intralogistics solutions can support operations. 

The Logistics Report: Supply Chain Resilience

Published: May 2022

The May edition of The Logistics Report, sponsored by Briggs Equipment, takes a closer look at the damage caused by the major challenges that have threatened supply chains over the past few years and what can be done to mitigate them.

The Logistics Report: Focus Automation

Published: March 2022

This edition of The Logistics Report delves into the world of automation in logistics. Whether you have never considered automation in your operation, or have multiple solutions already implemented, this report acts as a guide for getting started, as well as the next steps.

The Logistics Report: Focus Automation

Published: March 2022


The Logistics Report: Focus on Sustainability

Published: February 2022

This inaugural edition of The Logistics Report looks at the overarching concepts, such as warehouse property and energy that powers them, but then delves deeper into specific initiatives and technologies that will help operations on ‘the road to net zero’. 

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