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Let's Talk Logistics

We talk to the logistics leaders about the industry, sustainability and more. Let's Talk Logistics is a monthly series of in-depth conversations with the very people shaping the future of the logistics industry.

Let’s Talk Logistics with Staffan Persson from SiB Solutions

Part of building a resilient supply chain is having complete visibility of your operation.

In this episode, we sit down with Staffan Persson, Co-founder of SiB Solutions, to discuss how we can end the supply chain 'blame game' in order to deliver better results for customers and for businesses as a whole.

Let’s Talk Logistics with everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards

In this episode, we look back on the everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards which happened over the summer and discuss why representation remains critical in our male-dominated sector.

Let’s Talk Logistics with Richard Moss from Whittan

In this episode, Richard Moss, Chief Sales Officer at Whittan, gives listeners an exclusive insight into the journey the company has been on over the last few years and gives a taste of what visitors to the Whittan stand at IMHX can expect to learn.

Let’s Talk Logistics with Tony Gresty from ASG Energy Services

In this episode, we hear from Tony Gresty, Managing Director at Westbrook Industrial, who has recently launched a trading division named ASG Energy Services. Westbrook Industrial had been exploring ways of developing a more sustainable and ethical operating model before linking up with Perfect Sense, a solar panel supplier, to form ASG Energy Services. This venture supplies and installs Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems, as well as designs tailored solar panel solutions.

Let’s Talk Logistics with Darrell K. Williams from  Leidos UK Logistics & Operations

In this episode, Darrell discusses the similarities and differences between military logistics and other logistics operations. He talks about the vital role Leidos played in facilitating countrywide support during the pandemic while working with the Ministry of Defence in the UK and expands on the company's current and future use of technology, how it handles sustainability and how it mitigated the staff shortage challenge via its training programme 'Behind the Wheel'.

Let’s Talk Logistics with Jon Parry from ASDA Logistics Services and Gary Stubbs from Vanderlande

As one of the UK’s supermarket giants, ASDA knows that product availability is key. The automated case picking system at their distribution centre in Warrington ensures that they can deliver the right quantity of products at the right time to keep customer retention up. In this conversation with Jon Parry, Vice President of ASDA Logistics Services, and Gary Stubbs, Managing Director UK – Warehouse Solutions for Vanderlande, you can expect a deep dive into how the automated case picking system has improved operations and increased efficiency.

Let’s Talk Logistics with Thea Cooper from Unseen UK

In this episode, we examine how to recognise the tell-tale signs of exploitation and how to develop your own Modern Slavery Statement with Thea Cooper, Business Account Manager with the anti-slavery charity Unseen UK.

Let’s Talk Logistics with Rueben Scriven, Interact Analysis

Rueben Scriven, Senior Analyst at Interact Analysis, speaks to Dave Berridge (AMHSA) about the best strategic technological investments for your business and highlights some real-world examples of how to adapt to the e-commerce boom.

Let’s Talk Logistics with Polly Mitchell Guthrie from Kinaxis 

According to a recent poll, around half of logistics businesses have invested in automation as a result of the pandemic. Polly Mitchell Guthrie, VP of Industry Outreach and Thought Leadership at Kinaxis, details how to avoid hitting a wall with your automation efforts by creating a system that allows people and technology to support and grow alongside each other.

Let’s Talk Logistics with Sarb Sembhi, CISM, CTO & CISO for Virtually Informed

Since logistics is a part of the critical national infrastructure, it is a prime target for ransomware attacks. Sarb Sembhi, CISM, CTO & CISO for Virtually Informed, details the threat of cybersecurity to logistics companies and offers practical advice for protecting your business from hackers.

Let’s Talk Logistics with Prof. Richard Wilding

In this episode, Professor Richard Wilding of Cranfield University discusses the ideal traits of leaders in the supply chain sector. He focuses on management styles and the integration of cross-functional teams, as well as teaching logistics professionals how to manage exploration and predictability effectively.

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